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MPHA is comprised of a number of Sections made up of professionals with similar backgrounds or fields

of interest who work together for common goals and opportunities for networking. Sections elect chairpersons who also serve on the Executive Board and assist with conference and education programming and other activities to benefit their section members.

The section chairs also form a Council of Sections that advise on issues impacting all sections and to serve as a resource to the Board and the Association.

Please click on each section for information about specific section membership, dues and activities.

Environmental Health >

Criteria for Section Membership

Environmental Professionals whose primary focus is public health. All members are required to be current members of MPHA and in good standing.

Annual Section Dues Amount:
New Membership/Renewal: $10.00
Student Membership: $5.00
Corporate Membership: $100.00

Other Section Information:
In the MPHA Environmental Health Section we sponsor educational seminars covering environmental health and food safety issues. We sponsor scholarships to a limited number of current members to attend one day seminars. Members have the opportunity to meet and network with other Environmental Health Professionals from across the state.

Epidemiology >

The MPHA Epidemiology Section consists of the knowledge and expertise of those interested in Epidemiology (and/or related fields).  This section also serves as a pipeline for the state to carry out epidemiological policies, practices, activities, and other functions that positively impact the public’s health.  The goals of the Epidemiology Section are (1) to increase membership; (2) serve as a resource for future epidemiologists; (3) provide professional development opportunities; and (4) inform statewide epidemiological policy and decision making as needed. Click on this link to join MPHA Join or Renew – Individual Members – Mississippi Public Health Association. In addition to the MPHA membership dues, there is a $10.00 Epidmiology Section fee. 

Health Administration >

Purpose: The purpose of the Health Administration Section is to represent the interests of Health Administrators within the Mississippi Public Health Association and to offer an opportunity for professionals to organize and pursue common goals and interests. HAS is dedicated to enhancing administrators’ professional development by providing information, resources, and opportunities through communication, advocacy, and networking. Our activities include:

  • Increasing HAS representation in MPHA
  • Developing and disseminating educational and professional development resources
  • Providing and sustaining vehicles for communication
  • Identifying, prioritizing, and advocating for public and health-related policy issues
  • Facilitating networking among professionals

Vision: To demonstrate excellence in public health leadership in Mississippi.

Mission: To develop a core of public health administrators within MPHA who will establish the highest standards of public health leadership and a strong foundation for upcoming public health professionals through sustainable innovative mentoring and networking practices.

Values: Leadership, Integrity, Excellence, Innovation

Criteria for Section Membership: Membership in MPHA, working as, or aspiring to become a manager, director, or administrator in the healthcare arena.

Section Dues: $10 for workers, $5 for students per year

Section leadership: Shawn Rossi (Chair), Rita Momah (Chair-elect)

Activities: Annual in-person meeting during the conference, quarterly educational Zoom sessions, and annual awards/recognition.

Medical Care >

Criteria for Section Membership

Any Allied health professional, dentists, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, physicians and other of similar background with interest in the public and personal health of the people may be an active member of this section. All members are required to be current members of MPHA and in good standing.

Nursing >

Criteria for Section Membership +

There are 4 classes of membership in the Nursing Section designated as:

  1. Active: Registered Professional Nurses engaged in or with a serious interest in public health work.
  2. Associate: Health Aides engaged in public health work.
  3. Retired: Registered Professional Nurses retired from Public Health Nursing and Health Aides retired from Public Health.
  4. Student: Full-time students in graduate or under-graduate colleges interested in Public Health.

All members are required to be current members of MPHA and in good standing.

Annual Section Dues Amount:
Active members: $10.00 per year
Associate members: $5.00 per year
Retired members: $5.00 per year
Student members: $5.00 per year


Nutrition >

Criteria for Section Membership

Anyone interested in public health nutrition can join the Nutrition Section. Current members are Registered Dietitians, Lactation Specialist and educators, professors and deans at colleges and universities in the state, WIC and MSDH employees.

All members are required to be current members of MPHA and in good standing.

Annual Section Dues Amount: $10 for Calendar Year

Office Professionals >

Criteria for Section Membership

The Office Professionals Section is made up of administrative support staff and other clerical personnel who support public health work across Mississippi. All members are required to be current members of MPHA and in good standing.

Annual Section Dues Amount: $6.00 yearly based on calendar year

Other Section Information:
The Office Professionals Section is sponsoring a special scholarship fund entitled the “Larry Rouse Scholarship Fund” in honor of Larry’s long commitment to education in public health, MPHA and the Office Professionals Section. This fund will benefit a member(s) of our section to further their college education. Please consider a donation to support our efforts.

Public Health Education, Policy and Research >

Criteria for Section Membership

Public health professionals that contribute to health education, policy and research across Mississippi.  Examples include but are not limited to: health advocates, educators, researchers, students, policy-makers, providers and teaching faculty.

The mission of the Public Health Education, Policy and Research (PHEPR) section is to improve the health of Mississippians by facilitating collaboration among a diverse public health workforce that includes members of the Mississippi Public Health Association (MPHA) who are health advocates, educators, researchers, students, policy-makers, providers and teaching faculty.

Leading the public health workforce toward shaping a healthy Mississippi.


  • Commitment to collaboration and problem solving
  • Development and maintenance of sustainable health systems
  • Support for public health work force education and development
  • Integration of scientific evidence into policy and best public health practices
  • Dissemination of knowledge to public health professionals

For more information, or to join, contact:

Annual Section Dues Amount:
$10 per calendar year; $5 for full time students.

Other Section Information:
The diverse membership of the PHERP uniquely positions the section to promote a healthy Mississippi through evidence-based health education activities, policy initiatives and advocacy efforts in support of MPHA’s mission.

Key section activities include:

  • Information sharing on the latest in public health research, advocacy, and health policy impacting Mississippi.
  • Professional learning opportunities for all MPHA and PHEPR members.
  • Networking opportunities with current, past, and future public health professionals.

Social Work >

Criteria for Section Membership

Licensed social workers (who are members of the Mississippi Public Health Association) shall be eligible for membership in the Social Work Section. Individuals shall be considered members when section dues have been paid in full. Only members may vote. All members are required to be current members of MPHA and in good standing.

Annual Section Dues Amount:
Dues shall be $8.00 payable during the year. This fiscal year for the Social Work Section shall be the same as the fiscal year for the Mississippi Public Health Association which is January through December of each year.

Other Section Information:
Membership is open to all social workers, whether or not they are in positions bearing the title of social worker.