MPHA Current Initiatives

MPHA supports key health policies that support improved health outcomes for all Mississippians. After all, healthy communities enhance economic development efforts and ensure a productive workforce statewide. MPHA supports the following state health policy and advocacy issues during the 2024 Legislative Session. For the full legislative agenda and the fact sheets, please see this link.

  • Increase Access to Health Care Services through Support of Rural Hospitals and Medicaid Expansion
  • Increase access to technology that facilitates access to health care services and improves community health outcomes
  • Support statewide public health infrastructure through adequate funding and hiring flexibility for the Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH)
  • Improve immunization coverage for greater community health
  • Support policies that promote mental health parity
  • Support a strong State Public Employees’ Retirement System
  • Support statewide health infrastructure through workforce development and retention initiatives

For additional information on the 2024 Legislative Session and tracking of the bills, please visit Mississippi Legislature